torsdag 11. februar 2010

Some information about the project: Fleamarket and visa applications!

Fleamarket on Lillestrøm videregående skole Saturday 6th of March 10:00  - 18:00 and Sunday 7th of March  10:00 –16:00.

Fleas can be delivered at school Friday 5th between 15:00 and 21:00.

The invitations from the Russian authorities will be ready early in March, so make sure you have a photograph that meets the rules given December 9th below. As soon as possible after the invitations have arrived, we will apply for visas, so meet in class to fill in the forms and have your money and passport ready!

Bus from Lillestrøm to Nynäshamn, ferry from Nynäshamn to Gdansk, and bus from Gdansk to Kaliningrad is ordered!

Skola Internat no 7 has established a partnership with Kaliningrad Humanitarian College, and their students will be our hosts! Everything seems fine now, so let’s just hope the flea market is a success!