tirsdag 24. januar 2012

Letter from Skola Internat no 7

We had a letter from Skola Internat no 7 that I want to share with you!

"I want to share with you our small pleasures. With help of money resources of your students we have repaired and equipped with furniture a sewing office (second), modernized an office of socially household orientation where children can study the theory of conducting housekeeping.

Our children (8 football players) have been invited to competitions on minifootball «On the Cup of the President of the Russian Federation» in Sochi. They travelled by the plane. Children worried and afraid to fly by the plane because it was their first life experience. It was amusing to observe them. They have received the grant from your students on personal expenses in a way to competitions and in Sochi.

Our children won "silver" in this competitions! They have won teams from Astrakhan, Khanty-Mansiysk, Norilsk and Moscow Region. But in the ending, has battled with school from Moscow. At the 0:0 the victory was defined by a penalty series.

Certainly, we were upset a little. But, nevertheless, the second place at competitions of such level - excellent result! We congratulate our children! I send you pictures of our young football players in our school and in airport before departure.

We saw the information of students on our joint project on the Internet. Interesting and good photos. All of us remember your arrival and time that we spent together! It was bright event for all of us.

What about your plans for the future?

Greetings to your colleagues and students from all of us."

Now they are waiting for our return, which will be in April 2012!