mandag 6. mai 2013

The rest of the week

It is a while since we went back home, but this is the first time I have had some time to check our blog. Since Ragnhild had blogged about what we did on the first and second day, I though I should blog about what we did the rest of the week.

Early on Wednesday morning, we joined some of the children on a music lesson. The music teacher had prepared a presentation about a traveler who  collected music. The traveler stopped and collected music from all parts of the world. The Norwegian students sang "Jeg gikk en tur på stien", and the Russian students sang a song from Kaliningrad.

After the music lesson we went to the World Ocean museum. The museum arranged some activities for us, which was really fun!

After the World Ocean Museum and lunch at the school, three of the psychology students showed us the beautiful city of Kaliningrad. 

Thursday was the last day. We went to the famous Kurshskaya Kosa, the National Park in Kaliningrad. The nature there was really beautiful. 

When we came back to the school, the hard part with  this visit started. We had a meeting with the director and some of the teachers in the school, before we had to say goodbye to all of the new friends we had made at the school. There were lots of sad faces. We ended the day with a visit to the city with the psychology students. 

We were all set the next morning at 6 o'clock in front of the school, really tired, but ready to go back home. The journey had been really successful, and it was really special. I really believe that this was one of the most memorable trip I have ever had. 

-Theresa, 2iba

onsdag 24. april 2013

Tuesday 23.4. Second day of our visit in Kaliningrad.

Tuesday 23.4. from classroom activities and sightseeing in Kaliningrad:
 Beautiful easter eggs made with colourful beads by clever and patient hands!
 Look at the needlework!
 These beautiful pictures are made with amber collected on the seashore by the children!
Sightseeing in Kaliningrad city, here at one of the six old city gates

 Immanuel Kant's grave at the old Königsberg cathedral.

We also paid Maxim Gorkij a visit!
 Always fresh flowers at this World War II Memorial. The memories are still strong, and lots of people have a relative lost in the war.

 The Amber museum
 Games at school

 Who am I?

mandag 22. april 2013

Here we are!

Just a few glimpses from our first day in Kaliningrad and Skola Internat no 7. We arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon and settled in our various homes, and met this morning (Monday 22.4.) to have a look around the orphanage and to see what has been done. We also participated in "Master classes" and learned to make beautiful items by our hands, and we visited the zoo together with a group of children. The spring has arrived, it was sunny and warm, and we had a great day!

Patience and accuracy is needed, and this boy has got it! A great picture of two pandas is coming to life between his fingers.
Albina told us what had been done, Maxim translated and we listended.
 Deep concentration.
 Trying to copy these beautiful matrjoskas, step by step.
 Very proud of our craftsmanship!
 Russian and LSK matrjoskas...

We had to have an icecream, of course!