mandag 22. april 2013

Here we are!

Just a few glimpses from our first day in Kaliningrad and Skola Internat no 7. We arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon and settled in our various homes, and met this morning (Monday 22.4.) to have a look around the orphanage and to see what has been done. We also participated in "Master classes" and learned to make beautiful items by our hands, and we visited the zoo together with a group of children. The spring has arrived, it was sunny and warm, and we had a great day!

Patience and accuracy is needed, and this boy has got it! A great picture of two pandas is coming to life between his fingers.
Albina told us what had been done, Maxim translated and we listended.
 Deep concentration.
 Trying to copy these beautiful matrjoskas, step by step.
 Very proud of our craftsmanship!
 Russian and LSK matrjoskas...

We had to have an icecream, of course!

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