torsdag 3. desember 2009

Visit in April 2010!

In April 2010 a group of about 14 pupils and two teachers from Lillestrøm videregående skole will visit Skola Internat no 7! We plan to leave around 14th of April and return on the 21st. The fundraising has started, cakes have been sold to parents at various parent meetings at school, and to teachers and pupils. Plans are being made for a flea market in March. Knowing that the orphanage Skola Intenat no 7 is in need of quite a few things, it won't be a problem to make use of the gatherings our group will be able to collect. Time flies, and there will be a lot to do! But, as the members of the former groups states repeatedly: It is really worth it! When in Kaliningrad with the kids, you experience that your effort makes a difference!

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